Over the years a number of people have had the honour of leading both the men’s and women’s senior teams from the sidelines and on the field.

Men’s A Team

1970D. CoppolaS. CoppolaDivision 2
1971J. D'AgostinoT. TropeanoDivision 2
1972J. ChiappinT. TropeanoDivision 2
1973J. ChiappinJ. ChiappinDivision 1
1974J. ChiappinJ. ChiappinDivision 1
1975T. IvansA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1976J. EvansA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1977J. EvansA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1978E. MarysicA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1979B. Stewart & A. LabroscianoA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1980A. LabroscianoA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1981J. RickusA. LabroscianoDivision 1
1982J. RickusA. Labrosciano & C. MarescaDivision 2
1983A. LabroscianoL. SancilioDivision 2
1984M. GiannisL. SancilioDivision 2
1985M. GiannisL. SancilioDivision 1
1986M. GiannisL. SancilioDivision 1
1987C. Salerno & A. LabroscianoB. Caporella & L. EspositoDivision 2
1988D. HascleC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1989N. PlayfordC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1990N. PlayfordC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1991A. CrawfordC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1992A. CrawfordC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1993A. LabroscianoC. DeBartoloDivision 2
1994A. LabroscianoR. HaddockDivision 2
1995L. SancilioF. CarusoDivision 2
1996L. SancilioF. CarusoDivision 1
1997L. SancilioF. CarusoDivision 1
1998B. Caporella & A. LabroscianoS. CafutaDivision 2
1999A. LabroscianoS. CafutaDivision 1
2000C. SalernoP. MazzarinoDivision 1
2001C. SalernoP. MazzarinoDivision 1
2002C. SalernoD. BorghettoDivision 1
2003F. CarusoS. CafutaDivision 1
2004C. Salerno & C. VillaniC. GrazianoDivision 1
2005T. Corriera & L. SancilioD. PassalacquaDivision 1
2006L. SancilioS. CafutaDivision 2
2007L. SancilioD. TroianoDivision 1
2008L. SancilioD. TroianoDivision 2
2009L. SancilioJ. RomanowiczDivision 1
2010L. SancilioA. PetraccaroDivision 1
2011L. SancilioT. GeueDivision 1
2012J. ChristopoulosA. OsmanDivision 1
2013J. ChristopoulosA. OsmanDivision 1
2014J. ChristopoulosA. PetraccaroDivision 2

Women’s Premier Team

1997M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloDivision 2
1998M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
1999M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
2000M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
2001M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
2002M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
2003M. PrimaroR. DeBartoloPremier League
2004M. PrimaroE. SicariPremier League
2005M. PrimaroE. SicariPremier League
2006D. LesanL. GubbinsPremier League
2007D. LesanT. HarrisonPremier League
2008M. PrimaroL. GubbinsPremier League
2009M. PrimaroC. May & R. HarrisonPremier League
2010M. PrimaroM. RajcicPremier League
2011N. BurgessN. BurgessPremier League
2012G. HargreavesC. TsoumbrisPremier League
2013L. Tramontin & A. DeakinG MacriPremier League
2014L. Tramontin & A. DeakinN. Vella & N. BurgessPremier League