Since it’s inception, Fulham United SC has benefited from the hard work of it’s committee and members. Without their help, Fulham United SC would not be the proud club it is today.

Whilst there are too many people to individually list who have devoted much of their free time towards helping the club grow, below we recognise those who have had the opportunity to lead the club in an official capacity.

1969D. CoppolaJ. Coppola
1970D. CoppolaJ. Coppola
1971D. CoppolaJ. Coppola
1972D. CoppolaJ. Coppola
1973D. CoppolaJ. Coppola
1974D. CoppolaS. Passalacqua
1975D. CoppolaC. Cinielia
1976D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1977T. TropeanoN. Zucco
1978D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1979D. CoppolaV. Rinaldo
1980D. CoppolaL. Sancilio
1981D. CoppolaL. Sancilio
1982D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1983D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1984D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1985D. CoppolaN. Zucco
1986D. CoppolaA. Labrosciano
1987F. MerolaA. Labrosciano
1988F. MerolaG. Coppola
1989F. MerolaG. Coppola
1990N. ZuccoG. Coppola
1991N. ZuccoC. Pendini
1992P. GirolamoC. Pendini
1993P. GirolamoP. Serdar
1994P. GirolamoP. Pellizzari
1995P. GirolamoP. Pellizzari
1996P. GirolamoB. Hachem
1997P. GirolamoC. Pizza
1998P. GirolamoC. Pizza
1999C. DeBartoloA. Dimasi
2000C. DeBartoloA. Dimasi
2001F. DimasiC. Zollo
2002F. DimasiA. Dimasi
2003N. ZuccoA. Dimasi
2004N. ZuccoA. Dimasi
2005N. ZuccoM. Sicari
2006N. ZuccoM. Sicari
2007N. ZuccoM. Sicari
2008N. ZuccoK. Turner
2009N. ZuccoS. Toth
2010N. ZuccoS. Toth
2011G. CoppolaS. Toth
2012G. MathesonJ. Sheridan
2013G. MathesonC. Pendini
2014A. LabroscianoC. Pendini